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I have a CAL research scholarship available to a University of Birmingham¬† (non-final year) undergraduate student in summer 2019, to work on a project entitled “The Creation of a National Legal Language“.¬† The project investigates efforts being made to develop Irish legal language, at EU and national level. In particular, the project explores the way in which Irish is being developed (a) within EU institutions and (b) for EU institutions in the context of national research projects, and subsequently fed back into the Irish legal order. The primary aim of this project is to investigate what impact the creation/development of a national legal language outside the national legal order might have on that legal order.

Full details of the project are available here.

All information on the CAL research scholarships can be found here.

Application deadline: 29th March.  Only online applications will be accepted. See the CAL research scholarships webpage for details on how to apply, or apply here.